Honey Corn Skincare - Bee A Keeper

Honey Corn is a boutique, artisan, 100% natural and organic skincare range which contains honey aka "liquid gold”.  Informally Honey Corn was in the making from a very young age. I used to make a concoction with honey and cornmeal which is where the name Honey Corn came from. I would make my own skin formulations made from recipes passed on from my mother, which were passed on to her by her mother and her mother before her, all in a small West African village in Sierra Leone where the land provided everything the body could need.

Our aim is for Honey Corn to become connoisseurs of the best honey from right around the world and communicate in-depth knowledge of global honey from the four corners of the world to the consumer, with a view to working with co-operative beekeeping from around the world. This will be the bespoke market leading supplier of honey to your face from the bee to your body. We want to create a positive bee-story from around the globe. The global hive ensuring that the honey and beekeeping practices are ethical and sustainable.

Consumers aspire towards a positive lifestyle, one which compliments their personal ethos and which doesn't compromise on quality nor principles. Honey Corn demonstrates meaningful commitment towards sustainability. Social Environmental Corporate Responsibility As part of our ''Bee a Keeper” Campaign Honey corn is working towards establishing a network of Beekeepers across the developing world. The aim, to help the Bee population whilst enabling farmers to gain crop yields and financial stability.

Honey Corn products are gentle and effective for those with sensitive skin.Our range is hyper allergenic and perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Honey Corn is a great remedy/treatment for those who have sensitive skin, suffer from dry skin and eczema.


Honey Corn’s goal in the UK is to help sow the seeds of wildflowers with the goal of increasing bee numbers here. We are on a mission to plant:

Betony, Cornflower, lesser Knapweed, Marjoram, Red Clover, Vetch, Floxglove & Borage, seeds which bees just love!

This is part of our “Bee a Keeper’ Campaign, so bee sure to sow them in April or early May so that they can bloom in August and help a bee or two along the way in the summer months. Sow them under 5cm of poor soil.