Avocado and Tamanu Oil

Let’s talk benefits of avocado oil and tamanu oil. The majority of us aren’t familiar with avocado oil or tamanu oil.

The most used oils in beauty products are coconut oil, olive oil, argon oil, and tea tree oil. However no one really pays attention to the benefits of avocado oil and tamanu oil or why we should actually use these oils more. 

The benefits of avocado oil...

Avocado oil is usally applied to skin as a moisturiser and is actually found in many cosmetic products.

Not only does avocado oil help with your skin's moisture, it is also a heart healthy oil. It contains vitamin E which will help the body to absorb fat soluble vitamins. Avocado oil also prevents the risk of strokes as it reduces LDL cholesterol. All round, we should try to consume and use avocado oil more often.


The benefits of tamanu oil...

Tamanu oil is very rich in fatty acids which will help your skin to stay moisturised and hydrated. This oil promotes soft and hydrated skin and is also a good treatment for anti aging, wrinkles and blemishes .

As well as tamanu oil being good for your skin care it also has many other benefits. It can help to heal wounds, eczema, burns and anywhere that your skin is damaged. It helps prevent any scarring from occurring after the wound heals. All of these qualities in the oil also help to improve your skin regeneration which promotes new cell growth. This quickens the healing process and produces fresh new skin.

With all these benefits in these oils you know where to head if you want a wound to heal quicker or you want your body to absorb fatty solubles as both of these oils have good properties!