Beauty and The Bee - we explore ethical beauty brand; Honey Corn.


If beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, then there really is more to Honey than at first meets the eye. No wonder it is often referred to as Liquid Gold. This curative natural resource from one of the most important species on the planet is the Hero ingredient found throughout the Honey Corn skincare range.

Liquid Gold
Honey is a highly potent antioxidant; it’s properties can vastly improve and even retrograde the signs of ageing. Not so surprising, when the Honeybee herself has the amazing Sci-Fi capacity to age backwards. However, this little-known fact is not the work of a fiction author. In the early 2000s a group of scientists first discovered the phenomena of bees reversing their own brain age. The secret? They take on the lesser tasks of their younger contemporaries which actually changes the molecular structure of the bee brain.



Reap what you Sow
These creatures are just incredible. And so important to the world's fragile eco-system. There is no better time to support independent companies such as Honey Corn, who are at the corner stone of the rise in global citizen brands. If you are a conscientious consumer, this ethical beauty brand should be on your radar. Traditionally artisan, small batch and 100% organic, each product harnesses the power of pure botanica. By championing sustainability, with the ‘Bee a Keeper' initiative - beautifully presented, gifted seed packs which give clients the opportunity to improve the quality of their skincare, whilst sowing Marjoram, Red Clover, Vetch and Foxglove - what catnip is to felines, wildflowers are to bees. The brand certainly is on a mission to not only up your skincare game but to increase bee numbers in your own back garden. Whilst further afield, on a global platform Honey Corn is working towards establishing a network of beekeepers across the developing world. The pilot campaign will launch in Sierra Leone. The 'Bee a Keeper' initiative aims to aid the
survival of the bee population in tandem with local enterprise, enabling farmers to gain crop yields and build financial stability.


Positive Luxury
Consumers aspire towards a positive lifestyle, one which compliments their personal ethos and which doesn't compromise on quality, nor principle. Honey Corn demonstrates meaningful commitment towards sustainability. Expertly guided by the brand's founder Ayesha who explains passionately that it was her mother's homemade beauty remedies, at their core – honey; forever the star ingredient. Utilising nature's garden, the real beauty secret passed from mother to daughter via generations of knowledge and of course beautiful skin!