Can Natural Skincare Products Help Fight Against the Ageing Effect of Toxic Pollution?

According to London Air Researcher Dr. David Carslaw of King’s College,  London’s Oxford Street is one of the worlds most polluted with levels of nitrogen oxide exceeding ten times that of the legal limit. It is believed that toxic pollution and dust from the Sahara Desert create micro particles in the air which are wreaking havoc on our skin.  Do you have a skincare regimen and if so is it protecting your skin from the harsh environmental conditions and toxic pollution we face everyday in the urban jungle? Although there are steps you can take to fight against the ageing effect of toxic pollution.

Natural skincare products are great because they are free from: SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), parabens, petroleum, parrafin, alcohol, synthetics, artificial colours and artificial fragrances, all of which have been linked with cancer. Natural skincare products are gentle on skin and helpful in removing dirt, toxic pollution and dead skin cell build up. Natural skincare products immerse your skin in an essential mix of nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants. The bioactive properties in natural skincare products are effective as anti-ageing treatments and can give the skin protection from the harsh effects of your day to day environment.