HONEY CORN x Department for International Trade x Dubai

Day 1 at Beauty World Middle East in Dubai and Honey Corn is showcasing our gender-neutral skincare brand at the UK government stand with the Department for International Trade (DIT).

The DIT secured an exclusive introduction to the Chalhoub Group a family run, privately held luxury goods retailer and distributor, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. 

We heard from a number of female owned brands working under the luxury Chalhoub group umbrella known as Greenhouse. Greenhouse’s tag line is:

“Building tomorrow, today!

Their website states that: “The Greenhouse is the Chalhoub Group’s space for bold entrepreneurship. We build value through two distinct pillars, The Startup Studio, and Accelerator Programs. In addition, we host a series of dynamic events – including speaker series, founder talks, workshops, hackathons, and more – to foster and permeate a culture of entrepreneurship across the Group and beyond.” (Chalhoub Group Greenhouse).

It was really inspiring to hear the female entrepreneurs stories, which I could totally relate to in terms of the struggles and resilience required to make it in business as a woman in business. It makes me think of the old adage; if it was easy everyone would do it!

We entrepreneur’s are the the ones who say JUST DO IT and keep doing it in the face of adversity. The persistent no it can’t be done, entrepreneurs don’t believe it, we believe in ourselves and we keep the blind faith, even when the doubters keep saying you’re wrong! We say it can be done and I’m going to do it my way!

It is so refreshing to be in Dubai a land of GREAT opportunity. I’m looking forward with vigour to hearing - yes it can be done and I believe in your vision. Watch this space!

It was amazing to meet Jo Malone and to hear her story! A pioneer and a go getter. Hearing her speak about her entrepreneurial journey, has shown me it can be done.

Honey Corn is botanic organic natural gender-neutral skincare brand. Think of us as ‘cosmetics with ethics”. We have not compromised our vision. We’re on a mission to be successful and save the humble honey bee because without them there will be no honey, no humanity. To this end, Bee a Keeper!

Thank you Department for International Trade for understanding and believing in my vision!