Skincare For Him & For Her

To all you men out there I have to let you know, women do not have a monopoly on healthy skin. Looking younger and protecting skin from the harsh daily elements and toxic pollutions we all face everyday in the urban jungle is no longer just a concern for women. We have bypassed the metrosexual man, you have man bags and now, men you should be moisturising - it is acceptable - it is essential! Men need to pay just as much attention to their skin as women.

Whether you have a big burly beard, or you are clean shaven, crows feet and dry flakey skin apply to you too. Men, you no longer have an excuse - use a cleanser, exfoliate and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise some more!!! Unisex, gender-neutral skincare, male grooming - whatever you want to call it- it’s not a fad - it is a necessity. I bring you Honey Corn - a gender neutral/ unisex, skincare brand for him and for her. Fragrance free, nutrient rich, it soaks right in and won’t leave a greasy residue, You will feel it’s effects instantly - your skin will thank you for it. Honey Corn’s main active ingredient is Honey aka liquid gold and all of our range is made with plant based botanic, organic, natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.
Honey Corn male skincare
An article in Vogue France says, “skin is skin! Women have “been slipping on their boyfriend’s shirts and spraying on their cologne, they’ve now started borrowing their after-shave lotion. This gender-bending craze is nothing new; first spotted on the catwalks four or five seasons ago, the idea has recently caught on in the beauty world and it’s a simple one: to sell products suited to everyone male or female.” Skincare for him and for her - check out Honey Corn.