The Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil For Your Skin

The benefits of rosehip seed oil for your skin

Let's explore why rosehip seed oil is loved by so many celebrities and even royalty - Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton use it as part of their daily skincare routine. We love it too as it is beneficial to all skin types and has a multitude of advantages:

1. Natural moisturiser
The many fatty acids, including linoleic acid in rosehip seed oil allow it to be easily absorbed by skin and it has the ability to lock in moisture. It is a key ingredient is most moisturisers and it gives your skin a natural glow. Check out Honey Corn's Hydrating Face Cream for acute hydration.

2. Regenerates and heals the skin
Because it contains high concentrations of Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and K, rosehip seed oil is known for its exceptional regenerative and healing properties. It is anti-inflammatory and is great for restless skin and can even help combat acne.

3. Anti-ageing benefits
Rosehip seed oil increases collagen production and skin elasticity - using it will lead to a significant improvement in crow's-feet wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks and it will brighten the skin. Vitamin A and Vitamin C and fatty acids provide a strong protective antioxidant boost without having an oily feel. Try using a few drops of our Anti-Ageing Elemi Serum twice a day to help with fresh, younger-looking

4. Helps even out your skin tone
If you've been struggling to even out your skin tone or have red blotches, rosehip seed oil can help with that and is a much gentler alternative to something like lemon juice. If you use it on clean, damp skin every day you will start to notice a difference - please remember to always do a patch test before using any product on your skin!!!

5. Strengthens nails
Rosehip seed oil contains Vitamin A which is vital for strengthening nail cells, making them less likely to chip or break. The Omega 3 will help your nails grow faster and stronger, as well as repairing them quicker when they do break.

Now we can see why rosehip seed oil has been taking over the skincare world, it has so many wonderful benefits! Try out our products, we would love to hear about your experience :)

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