We take a look at nature's most potent remedial for acne.

Celebrating the curative power of honey, with ethical beauty brand; Honey Corn.

It is a little-known fact that the properties of honey are scientifically proven to inhibit the growth of E.Coli.  Honey is by far a superior natural antibacterial agent - so why is it overlooked in the topical treatment of acne? 

The treatment of acne has been saturated with harsh, quick-fix chemical solutions for many years. These outdated modes of remedy are akin to the equally outdated mindset of the low-fat diet fadders which were cultivated in the same era.  Honey has far-reaching antimicrobial properties; it also demonstrates the therapeutic value in the treatment of skin disorders, in which microbes have been associated and are often treated with topical antibiotics, such as acne.  


Regarding antibiotics, honey, the holy grail of natural remedies, as research suggests its potent properties can actually reverse antibiotic resistance. 

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease and the most common skin disease. Even if you have never been subject to acne you will I am sure have experienced at least one of the symptoms at least once in your life. Ever had a gnarly spot that appeared on the day of an important meeting or social event or worse perhaps a date? Then you know how uncomfortable it makes you feel.  Different external and internal factors, including air pollution, aggressive skin care products, medication, mechanical, hormonal, and familial factors, and, more recently, lifestyle and stress, have been suggested as having an impact on acne.

Honey is a  hero ingredient when it comes to skincare and is a  viable alternative to those harsh prescribed or over-the-counter acne treatments. One of the pioneers of utilising honey perfectly in its products is ethical beauty brand Honey Corn, which uses only top-grade Honey, sustainably sourced from developing countries. Honey Corn's founder Ayesha Ibrahim agrees that honey could not be a more relevant and vital ingredient today.  For those with troublesome skin Honey Corn recommends introducing these products which together give excellent results. First, begin with the 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser & Face Wash followed by the Gentle Face Scrub which gives effective microdermabrasion leaving skin prepped and ready for the application of the Hydrating Face (Night) Cream. This best-selling night cream locks all that honey, aka liquid gold goodness - deep into the epidermis overnight for a fresh clearer face the next morning.