Wild Wild West; from West Africa to West London – We take a look at Ethical Beauty Brand Honey Corn

W11 is perhaps better known for its candy coloured Georgian town houses. Delighted tourists follow ice cream hues to the epi centre of eclectic antiquities and kitsch wonderments. All set within the indomitable surrounds of west-London cool. Famous locals such as the celebrated editor in chief at British Vogue, Edward Enninful are often spotted holding court among the glitterati at local hang out, Pizza East.  And many young designers such as Molly Goddard and Shrimps began and continue to flourish within the bounds of the Royal Borough. A new brand on the West London block is ethical beauty line Honey Corn. Founded by local resident Ayesha Ibrahim.

The Brand

Honey Corn is an artisanal, botanical skincare range - ethically sourced and 100% Organic. The hero ingredient, often referred to as Liquid Gold – is Honey. Ayesha explains passionately that it was her Mothers homemade beauty remedies inspired by her West African roots that are at the heart of the brand. Utilising natures garden, the real beauty secret passed from mother to daughter via generations of knowledge. The key message has always been that the land is the mother - the ultimate care giver and it is the mother who provides all that we need. 

Liquid Gold

The soothing properties of Honey nearly always featured. And it wasn’t long before Ayesha as a teenager began to experiment with these traditional beauty recipes. She returned to Honey after her Son was born and she suffered Post-partum Eczema. ‘Nothing from the shelf or anything which my doctor prescribed would work, and with the stress of a new born to look after along with a painful skin disorder which was further exasperated by stress, I was at my wits end’.Going back to the long-standing family tradition of making personal blends and remedials, not only alleviated the eczema but after spending time developing the range she found it gave her a flexible way in which to earn an income. 'Launching Honey Corn was as much a personal revolution, as I felt empowered by the financial independence especially as a new mother. It has also been integral to my professional evolution. It has been great to finally break out on my own after years of working for other people helping to develop their luxury brands'


Honey Corn is very much a Global Citizen Brand where sustainability is vital to the ethos of this ethical skincare range. Consumers aspire towards a positive lifestyle, one which compliments their personal beliefs, and which doesn't compromise on quality, nor principle.Honey Corn demonstrates meaningful commitment towards sustainability as part of the ''Bee a Keeper” initiative. Elevated bee-loss rates have been an ongoing concern for years. Whilst causation is not yet finite, Colony Collapse Disorder appears to be the cause of twofold death rates among the honeybee population. There has been a serious call to action from scientists around the world to pay greater attention to the plight of the species and research is ongoing via both commercial and wild bees. 

The Honey Corn ‘Bee a Keeper’ initiative 

Honey corn is working towards establishing a network of Beekeepers across the developing world. The pilot campaign will launch in Sierra Leone. The Bee a Keeper initiative aims to aid the survival of the Bee population in tandem with local enterprise, enabling farmers to gain crop yields and build financial stability.

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