Vanilla & Citrus Perfume Oil

Vanilla & Citrus Perfume Oil

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Our evocative and unique blend of Vanilla, Osmanthus, Bergamot and sweet orange, is a long lasting and sumptuously fragrant perfume oil. 


Is a native and cultivated in South/Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Although not a native country Vanilla can also be found in Madagascar, East Africa where our vanilla is sourced from.
Our pure essential oil is extracted from the fruit/bean.
It was considered a “hot spice” and prescribed a tincture to ensure male potency when the Spanish Conquistadors brought Vanilla back to Europe from the New World.
According to Smithsonian “Vanilla flowers bloom just one morning each year
Vanilla was first used by the Aztec people and it now widely grown thoughout Madagascar.
Vanilla: Vanilla is ranked as one of the five most attractive aromas to men. It was even considered a ‘hot’ spice and prescribed as a tincture to ensure male potency when the Spanish conquistadors brought vanilla back to Europa from the New World.


Precious oil – one of the most expensive perfume fragrance
Up-lifting, promotes positive energy, anti-ageing, sensual, revitalising, exuberating aroma, seductive.
Part of the Jasmin & Lilac family
Sourced from China – native to China, Asia, Himalayas, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand 
Antimircobial, expectoriant, detoxifying and stomachaic
Sweet, floral, and narcotic scent – top note
Osmanthus also referred to as “Sweet olive”
Unique fragrance, relaxation, soothes muscles, relieves pain, improves blood circulation, reduces stress & anxiety, stimulates sexual desires.