Perfume Oils as an Aphrodisiac

How scents can trigger sensuality

Throughout history, aphrodisiacs have been used to stimulate desire and lust. Ancient Egyptians used perfume oils and Cleopatra is said to have been very fond of Neroli for its aphrodisiac qualities. The Greeks and Romans would bathe and sprinkle themselves with scented oils and floral scents like lavender, jasmine, rose and chamomile and Shakespeare even referenced perfume as an aphrodisiac, as well as incense. From the 1800s, men and women started to spray perfumes on themselves before meeting their lovers to increase their level of attractiveness. Here are a few examples of scents and what effect they have:

Jasmine: One of the most popular romantic scents. There isn’t much evidence but we do know that inhaling jasmine improves your mood and it is said to increase positive and romantic feelings.

Vanilla: Vanilla is ranked as one of the five most attractive aromas to men. It was even considered a ‘hot’ spice and prescribed as a tincture to ensure male potency when the Spanish conquistadors brought vanilla back to Europa from the New World. Try our Vanilla & Citrus perfume oil.

Rosewood: For those who are stressed, rosewood could be useful in the bedroom. It can help lift your mood, relax your mind and arouse soft and tender feelings for your partner.



Neroli: As mentioned before, Cleopatra was a huge fan of Neroli, which is blossoms from citrus plants. It relieves pain, calms anxiety and can help eliminate depression while getting you in the mood for a romantic night with your partner. If Cleopatra used it, we believe it!

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