What Happens to Ageing Skin?

So what exactly does happen to ageing skin?
Let’s start with the foundations of our skin and how it is made up. Think of it like the ageing of a tree.  For example, if you cut a tree trunk, the light spring wood and dark summer wood are clearly visible in bands around the tree. By counting each dark ring of summer wood you can find out how many growth cycles the tree had; giving you its age. This similar to human skin. 

Skin has seven layers of skin - the dermis, hypodermis and epidermis. The epidermis consists of five layers, it’s the thin outermost layer on our skin. The epidermis is the part of the skin that has the most contact with the outside world, anything and everything we touch first comes into contact with the epidermis which can make wrinkles become deeper and more pronounced due to weakening of the skin barrier.

Experiencing skin dryness, dullness, redness, breakouts and skin sensitivity are all signs of a damaged skin barrier. 24-7 our skin is our first contact with the world around us. It is designed to protect us from the environment, wind, rain or shine our skin is battling to protect us.


As we age our skin begins to lose elasticity a reason for this, is a reduction of collagen. Collagen is responsible for the skin’s structure, texture, strength and resilience and as we age our ability to naturally produce collagen decreases. We can aid the skins elasticity and suppleness by nourishing it with collagen boosting oils, not just on our face which is mostly prone to ageing and skin damage, it’s important to remember that ageing also depletes collagen from the neck, anti-ageing perfume oils are great for adding natural botanical oils and essential oils

Some collagen boosting essential oils include but are not limited to; Frankincense, Elemi, Baobab, Hemp and Rosehip oil used in our Anti-Ageing Elemi & Frankincense Serum are a wonderful at home facial and rich in vitamin C. These are some of the ingredients the ancient Egyptian’s used to protect the skin from the harsh effects of the sun, sand and environmental conditions. 


If we neglect caring for our skin it is prone to premature ageing creating dry, wrinkled skin due to exposure to the sun and environmental factors such as toxic pollution. It is this part of the skin that is protecting us and also needs protecting because for this part of the skin it’s a battle out there. Everyday protecting the dermis and hydermis. The best way to support your dermis is to nourish it with goodness. Skin covers all of our sense organs

Ageing decreases collegan but there are ways to retain the suppleness. Nourishing the skin with foods; skin food because our skin really is out, front and centre, battling the harsh environmental elements every single day. 

Interacting with the world around you, your skin works hard, from the sheets you sleep on, the detergent you use to the environmental elements and conditions can all have an effect on your skin’s health.

The epidemeris is designed to protect us from the environment. Wind rain or shine your epidermis is battling the element, sunshine, rain, wind, pollution etc. Nourishing our skin with skin food can protect it from the harsh environmental conditions

Nourishing the skin is beneficial because it helps in maintaining elasticity during the ageing process. Loss of elasticity can lead to premature ageing. Using certain skin foods which assist in maintaining elasticity during the ageing process such as nutrient botanical oils and essential oils. 

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